Issue 1:

Our first issue explored ‘What is Urgent?’. Inside you will find writings and illustrations on:

Iconic architecture – The flaneur – Mushrooms as building material – Emergency urbanism – Refugee camps – Disaster relief in Haiti – Cyberspace – Pugin’s town in 2040 – Edinburgh’s built future – Architects and planners – Sustainable architecture in Iran – Life in boxes – The Badjao tribe – The housing crisis – Bursting the architectural bubble – Urgent thought – Ghosts – Feminism – Anthropocene armageddon in Venice and Yinchuan and more.

Contributors: Sophie Pipe, Angus Henderson, Roger Emmerson, Peter Wilson, Emeline Beroud, Rory Lamb, Joanna Spreadbury, Theodore Shack, Vsevolod Yurchenko, Calum Anderson, Will Tooze, Dan Wood, Erin 
Whalley, Asbjørn Eriknauer, Howard Barugahare, Caitlin Macleod, Miranda Smith, Holly Baker, Sofia Paredes, Jessica Bonehill, Lilian Lee, Hannah Kelly, Michael Drax, Gregor Henderson, Yasser Khaldi, Cécile Ngọc Sương Perdu

Issue 2: 

Our second issue asked ‘What’s the Plan?’. Inside you will find both solutions to problems raised in issue 1 and various new writings and illustrations on:

Plans – Castle conservation – Gentrification vs. Immigration – Memories – Planning beyond streets – Regeneration in Sheffield – Exposing Eileen Gray – Housing in Hong Kong – Self-Healing Concrete – The EU – Benefiting from Brutalism – Egyptian capitals – Resilience in Palestine – Drawing and drafting plans – Outer space and more.

Contributors: Liam Rotheram, Jack Handscombe, Cécile Ngọc Sương Perdu, Noah Judge, Gregor Henderson, Frederica Giardino, Indigo Lowndes, Angus Henderson, Theodore Shack, Holly Baker, Megan Ellis, Erin Whalley, Sophie Pipe, Jo Russmann, Evelyn Wong, Sophia Constantinou, Will Tooze, Dan Wood, Daniel Anderson, Eleanor Cook, John Rattray, Nadim Jacquemond, Will Hughes, Yasser Khaldi, Nguyen Chau Anh, Neil Cunning, Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde, Aaron Chan, Maria Sara Tan, Sarah Betts, Andrea Ma, Beck Tait.

Issue 3:

Our third issue explores ‘Conflict/Resolution’ as the new theme. It has been an exciting departure from our previous two themes with a new team on board. Inside you will find articles, poems, interviews and illustrations on:

Northern Ireland’s Peace walls – Nuclear Deterrents – Immigration policies – Decolonising Western Cities – Conservation in Monticello – Heritage in Nigeria – Rwandan Reconciliation – UCU strikes – Building in Bangladore – Japanese samurai tradition – Adventure playgrounds – Homelessness in London – Forensic architecture – Designing for Refugees – Revolution in Portugal – Play and more.

Contributors: Hannah Penwarden, Katie-May Munro, Megan Kenyon, Alex Abadjieva, Carrie Tench, Liam Rotheram, Aaron Chan, Ciaran Murphy, Ellie Edmond, Alice King, Sarah Kemali, Zubaydah Jibrilu, Cecile Ngoc Suong Perdu, Callum Henderson, Gregor Henderson, Ivy Pottinger-Glass, Chloe Pottinger-Glass, Rana Tabatabaie, Kome Eleyae, Oriel Agranoff, Emma Henderson, Angus Barrett, Katrina McCall, Rose Miller, Honor Bathurst, Neil Cunning, Will Tooze, Antonia Weir, Theodore Shack, Angus Henderson.

Issue 4:

Our fourth issue ”Are We Sitting Comfortably?” creates a conversation at a range of scales with an intense focus on the human. It asks it’s readers to find a comfortable seat before preparing themselves to question themselves and consider if we really should be sitting comfortably? Contained with in its pages are articles, poems, illustrations on:

Public Seating – Complacent Architects – Home Comforts – Striving for Selfie Backdrops – People Make Places – Children’s Hospitals – Feminist Free Space – Politics of Door Handles – Women’s Reproductive Rights – Cooking Rituals – Archaeological Excavation for Architectural Evolution – The Necessity of Discomfort – A Love Letter To A Toilet – Mental Health – Poems, interviews and more.

Contributors: Nadim Jacquemond, Alex Zawalnyski, Kome Eleyae, Isaac Lassey, Tabby Carless-Frost, Scott Szpisjak, Angus Stewart, Cameron Boyd, Jago Trelawny-Vernon, Ben Hair, Cecile Ngoc Suong Perdu, Myrto Efthymiadi, Sarah Kemali, Rose Miller, Lucia Medina Uriarte, Ellie Edmond, Frances Driscoll, Harriet Garbutt, Frances Driscoll, Harriet Garbutt, Stef Dempster, Holly Goodwin, Callum Symmons, Imogen Herd, Theodore Shack, Carrie Tench, Sophie Burgess, Bethan Jones, Holly Goodwin, Megan Kenyon, Sarah Kemali, Jamie Begg, Aron Shelemy

Issue 5:

Issue #5 ‘Moment, Movement’, our current issue, arrived autumn 2020 into a pre-covid world, it’s content blissfully oblivious to the events that have altered our recent history. The conversations that lie within delve from both the meaning of a moment to the weight of a movement and what lies between. From reflections on places of passing, discussion on what it means to be home and questions of what it means to act, ‘Moment, Movement’ touches on urgency, content, speculation and desire. These varied discussions, stories and article are an embrace of what we have and a question of what we should challenge.

Urban Culture in Moscow – Re-imagining the Metrolink – Stories of our Shapes – Architectural Education in the Climate Crisis – Architects as Activists – The Necessity of Discourse – Parisian Counter Culture – Stepping up Accessibility – A living room confronts the Climate Crisis – Movement is a privilege – Places of passing – The power of a Home – Intergenerational experiences of the London Underground – Architecture of Obedience – Poems and more...

Contributors: Silas Lehane, Cecile Ngoc Suong Perdu, Danny Gregson, Michael Becker, Karolina Krajcikova, Scott McAulay, Lockie Mitchell, Murid, Laly, Astrid Larsen, Callum Symmons, Tayyeb Jilani, Roseanne Tye, Guillemette Gandon, Eleanor Collin, Tabby Carless-Frost, Fraser Morrison, Ellie Shimmin, Ben Hair, Daniel Anderson, Carlos Tedosa Tejetor, Alex Abadjieva, Angus Barrett, Lucy Galloway, Megan Kenyon, Justin Leung, Cameron Lintott, Sonnie Carlebach

Issue 6:

Issue #6 ”Rules of Play” has once againlet us slow down, escape, listen and talk about what is important, the product of these conversations allows an exploration of what really are the rules of play. Contained with in its pages are articles, poems, illustrations on:

Downtown Divertissement – Deviation- Alasdair Gray’s Lanark – Move 37 – Insurgent Architecture – Body-more Murdaland – Eyes On – The Architecture of Patriarchy – Risk in Play – Bleeding Permeability – Young Citizen Survey – Kitchen Crumbs – Displacement in Signage – Riding the Pink Lane – Extract from a dialogue concerning the companions of Lawrence Oswald – Nocturnal Playtime- Right to Space – Memory Landscapes – In Orbit – One step after another...

Contributors: Frances Driscoll, Tayyeb Jilani, Olivia Hingley, Michelle Wang, Felix Wilson, Sarah Kemali, Matilda Taylor, Miharu Yamaguchi, Michael Becker, Alex Abadjieva, Hohgun Choi, Lenka Hanulova, Karolina Krajcikova, Eleanor Collin, Jonna Idsater, Lucia Olavari, Sara Sako, Silja Glomb, Laura Haylock, Millie Riddle, Kitty O’Loan, Daniel Gregson, Carley Wootton, Cecile Ngoc Suong Perdu, Sonnie Carlebach, Jemima Brakspear, Abrisham Ahmadzadeh, Theodore Shack

Submitting Work for Crumble Magazine

The theme for issue 8 stems from conversations about systems of control and in particular how we work with and against these. To what extent we exert authority over our own actions, and to what extent we remain products of external influence, were key questions underpinning our discussions.

We are particularly interested in how action, movement, and dynamicity can begin to disrupt the controlled choreographies of our day-to-day experience. We invite you to challenge what is considered the norm, whether politically, visually, spatially, or theoretically, and re-interrogate our relationship with space, structure, form, architectures, and the city.

If you have an idea about how you'd like to contribute, please feel free to send us a short proposal of under 200 words to We will look over this and provide you with some feedback in order to promote its potential position within the issue.

The deadline for submissions is now the 26th of January ! You can submit a piece of work even without having sent in a proposal. This is just to offer some support if you need. Send all submissions to


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