Issue #4
Are We Sitting Comfortably?

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Our fourth issue ”Are We Sitting Comfortably?” creates a conversation at a range of scales with an intense focus on the human. It asks it’s readers to find a comfortable seat before preparing themselves to question themselves and consider if we really should be sitting comfortably? Contained with in its pages are articles, poems, illustrations on:

Public Seating – Complacent Architects – Home Comforts – Striving for Selfie Backdrops – People Make Places – Children’s Hospitals – Feminist Free Space – Politics of Door Handles – Women’s Reproductive Rights – Cooking Rituals – Archaeological Excavation for Architectural Evolution – The Necessity of Discomfort – A Love Letter To A Toilet – Mental Health – Poems, interviews and more.

Contributors: Nadim Jacquemond, Alex Zawalnyski, Kome Eleyae, Isaac Lassey, Tabby Carless-Frost, Scott Szpisjak, Angus Stewart, Cameron Boyd, Jago Trelawny-Vernon, Ben Hair, Cecile Ngoc Suong Perdu, Myrto Efthymiadi, Sarah Kemali, Rose Miller, Lucia Medina Uriarte, Ellie Edmond, Frances Driscoll, Harriet Garbutt, Frances Driscoll, Harriet Garbutt, Stef Dempster, Holly Goodwin, Callum Symmons, Imogen Herd, Theodore Shack, Carrie Tench, Sophie Burgess, Bethan Jones, Holly Goodwin, Megan Kenyon, Sarah Kemali, Jamie Begg, Aron Shelemy

Crumble Magazine

Crumble is a collection of spirited, open-minded students and professionals keen to enliven the conversation about architecture. Based in Edinburgh, we’ve set up a bi-annual magazine that aims to promote interdisciplinary understanding of architecture and place. It provides a platform for people of all backgrounds and disciplines to publish articles and artwork that explore concerns about the future of our surroundings from a local to a global scale. The magazine gives those ideas reach within and beyond the university through public distribution.

The magazine has an emphasis on engaging architecture with its real-world, wider cultural context and exploring how it can provide answers to current political and social issues. We are keen to involve students and professionals from as many disciplines as possible. The magazine has already involved current and former professionals alongside students of Architecture, Illustration, Product Design, Fine Art, Linguistics, History, Politics, International Development, Conservation, Landscape Architecture, History of Art, Urban Planning and English Literature.